Reynolds Orthodontics Greensboro Summerfield NC Back to schoolIt’s that time of year again! The temperature is cooling off, fall sports are underway, and all the kids are headed back to school. At Reynolds Orthodontics we want to offer a few helpful tips for going back to school with #braces!

  • Make sure to follow the 2×2 brushing rule: brush your teeth for TWO minutes, TWO times each day! This will help keep your teeth and #braces clean, which leads to quicker appointments and healthier teeth. If you want to brush after lunch, keep a toothbrush in your backpack.
  • Bring a water bottle to school. Drinking water throughout the day helps to keep your mouth clean, fight #cavities, and prevent bad breath. Stick with water and you can’t go wrong.Read more on 72-Orthodontic Tips for Back to School in Greensboro and Summerfield NC…

Life as we know it at Reynolds Orthodontics, both professionally in the delivery of orthodontic care and personally in our lives, is changing at the blink of an eye. It is both an exciting and intimidating age we live in and it amazes Dr. Mark Reynolds and our team every day. If we are here today, where will we be one, two, or even ten years down the road with all the advances in technology that affect all aspects of our lives?

Below is a video that highlights the changing world around us this year that we would like to share with you.

At Reynolds Orthodontics, we are up to the challenge and work hard to maintain our highest standards for quality #orthodontic treatment and delivery of service to our patients!

Read more on Embracing Change At Lightning Speed in 2014 in Greensboro and Summerfield NC…

Reynolds Orthodontics Greensboro NC Eraser Jar Contest PhotoGuess the number of erasers in our jar without going over. The closest guess to the correct number without going over will win a $50 Visa gift card. If there is a tie, then the winner will be decided by a random drawing.

The contest will run through October 20th. Submit your guesses in the office at your next appointment. The contest is open to current patients of Reynolds Orthodontics.

Here is a link to view and download the Eraser Contest Flyer.

To view a larger image of the eraser jar, click here. Good luck and happy guessing!